Online bachelor degree FAQ

How long does it take?

In a conventional college, it takes four years but, with the right level of determination, it's possible to complete an online bachelor degree in less time.

What is the maximum time?

There's considerable flexibility in online bachelor degree programs. To be certain of the answer, you must check the college regulations. Some have limits on the validity of course credits to prevent you taking too long to complete the course.

What work is required?

There's no difference between classroom-based and distance learning. You are given basic information and reading material. For an online bachelor degree, you will be expected to put in the appropriate number of study hours. This means you must be able to work independently. If you think you may not be able to stay motivated, discuss this with the college or university before signing up.

Are there instructors for an online course?

The fact you enroll on an online bachelor degree does not mean there's no one to help. Faculty members will be available through email, forums, chat sessions, and conference calls.

Do you need IT skills?

If you are going to join a virtual classroom or teleconference, you need a reasonable broadband connection, a computer with the right software, and enough basic skills to make it all work. You don't have to be a tech genius and most online bachelor degree programs have help desks to talk you through problems.

What do employers think of online courses?

So long as the online bachelor degree is awarded by an accredited college or university, there's no difference between the degree awarded for online as opposed to campus-based learning. Both require you to work hard. An employer knows that anyone who can maintain interest to study for four years is likely to be an asset to their business.

Is there a difference in cost?

If you have to leave home to study on a campus, your education costs now include finding accommodation and living expenses. You save thousands of dollars by studying from home. If you can keep your existing job or find work locally, it also helps pay the tuition fees.

Do you qualify for financial aid?

College can be expensive but, on an online bachelor degree, you can save money. Better still, most of the online universities offer financial aid whether as a scholarship, grant, or loan. Ask your financial aid counselor before you enroll.

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